Pre-School (3 to 5 year olds)

Between the ages of three and five, your child needs new challenges as their coordination and confidence grows. They are interacting more with others and are willing to learn complex games so at Brilliant Star Childcare considering the fact that the owner and director is credential teacher and has more than 10 years of teaching and education and specially Special Ed, we have tailored an educational program to specifically meet these growing needs.

The curriculum is organized into ‘theme based units’ to develop their skills and each unit incorporates language, math, science, creative arts, music, motor skills and social development. Each day has more structure and routine, and every child’s progress is monitored by observation-based assessment.

In addition, a portfolio of work is compiled for every child to capture their unique creativity and expression whilst regular communication with every parent is maintained to keep you informed about the progress of your child’s day.

How To Find Us

Brilliant Star Child Care
4285 Chamblee Tucker Road
Doraville, GA 30340-4501
(678) 691-1313